We are the Guardians of Alentejo
We love, care, and welcome like no one else
I want to become a Guardian
Alentejo in the first person.
The word we guard and that at its origin means “Beyond the Tagus".
Além, beyond. No other word embodies the spirit of The Guardians so well.
Go beyond, even further, in how we care for Alentejo.
Go beyond, showcasing the unparalleled beauty of its fields.
Go beyond, elevating the voice of its songs.
Go beyond, serving the best wines and flavours.
Go beyond, offering unexpected experiences all year long.
Go beyond, praising its people. Its soul.
All because no one knows these infinitely wonderful plains better.
All because no one knows its best-kept secrets better.
All because no one welcomes strangers better.
Without rush. Because, here, time goes by slowly.
All because we guard Alentejo with our hearts.
The advantages
of becoming one of the Guardians

Being a part of the online booking platform meettheguardians.com
The lowest commission in the market.
Investment in national and international publicity.
Extra revenue from bookings made with other Guardians.
Exclusive group where you only get in by recommendation and merit.
Network of collaborative tourism -- protect the region from mass tourism.
Designed and made in the Alentejo to the world.
Possibility of designing routes in partnership with other Guardians.
Be part of the platform
Easy to use by everyone
  • Easy and flexible to add and change products;
  • Online management of products, bookings, prices, and allotments;
  • The Guardian chooses the cancellation policy and the minimum period needed before taking a reservation;
  • All communication is done within the platform and recorded following a confirmation flow from booking to final execution;
  • Rating system and search filter customised according to the client's profile;
  • Joint offer with higher visibility through routes designed by the clients and the Guardians;
  • Integration with leading Channel Managers in the market.
We are a project that protects Alentejo
Designed to defend the Guardians’ profitability and ensure customer satisfaction.
The Guardians platform
Seeks and
promotes, and
cares, and
The Guardians platform and the Guardians
You pay us in commissions,
which include the following services:

Advertising and communicating the Guardians and their products on the platform.
Licensing of booking technology through the digital platform.
Free operations manual of the platform.
Maintenance and correction of identified errors.
Constant tool upgrades to improve the customer experience.
Direct customer service.
It doesn’t cost much
to be a part of The Guardians platform

Places that provide accommodation for one or more days. For example, hotels, hostels, bed and breakfasts, etc.
30 €
/ Month
Places that sell food and drinks. For example, taverns, bars, etc.
10 €
/ Month
Things to do
Tourist tours in general. For example, wine tourism, boat tours, walking tours, etc.
20 €
/ Month
Points of interest
Tourist attractions, landmarks, or monuments. For example, castles, museums, churches, etc.
10 €
/ Month
Seasonal events that happen at a scheduled day and time. For example, local festivities, bullfights, concerts, etc.
200 €
/ Event
  • Each license allows the Guardian to publish up to ten products on the platform;
  • The Guardian who uses more than one license pays the total sum of the respective yearly fees;
  • When a Guardian hires the services of the platform the payment is made to the platform’s account;
  • All communication is done within the platform and recorded following a confirmation flow from booking to final execution;
  • Be a Guardian for as much time as you want.
Services provided by The Guardians platform to the community of Guardians

Evaluation of potential Guardians.
Informational and promotional written content production.
Image and video content production.
Editing of copy, photography, and video and uploading them to the platform.
Customer service.
Customer service for the Guardians.
Collecting, invoicing, and managing the Guardians’ account.
Activity reports, booking history, and management dashboard.
Reports and analytical data to support project management.
Online training and tips to improve service
Events’ production and organisation.
Ten principles
A Guardian of Alentejo commits to:
  1. Keeping the quality of their services as agreed;
  2. Representing the people of Alentejo and their hospitality;
  3. Honouring all bookings;
  4. Communicating with The Guardians platform and the other Guardians;
  5. Being an active member of the community;
  1. Solving problems proactively;
  2. Communicating directly with The Guardians platform in the event of any issues;
  3. Keeping a positive and honest attitude;
  4. Making the largest number of allotments possible available;
  5. Having a flexible schedule to respond to customers.

A wine with a taste of history, where every detail makes a difference.

"Each experience is unique!"
Isabel Bastos
Quinta D. Maria
Card image

Zona dos Mármores

Isabel Bastos

Quinta D. Maria

Card image

Baixo Alentejo

Carolina Silvestre

Herdade do Vale da Rosa

Card image

Alto Alentejo

Rita Nabeiro

Adega Mayor

Card image

Costa Vicentina

José Mário Brás

River Emotions

Card image

Costa Vicentina

Pedro Martins

O Lugar

Card image

Litoral Alentejano

Vasco Gallego

Vale do Gaio

You can become one of us

If you own a business in Alentejo that respects and values the region, join us on this journey and become a Guardian too.