1. Our Commitment to Privacy

    DC - DESTINATION CLUBS LDA is a company whose activity is based on trust and transparency in our day-to-day relationship with our customers. The privacy and security of the data you trust us with are our priority.

    DC - DESTINATION CLUBS LDA in compliance with its obligations under the General Data Protection Regulation, hereby accepts, through this Privacy Policy, to inform you of how we handle your personal data (i.e. collect, store, process, transfer, and delete) and for what purposes we process them, ensuring that we collect, share, and store your data according to the best practices of security and protection of personal data. We also undertake to require our Subcontractors to process your personal data in the name and on behalf of DC - DESTINATION CLUBS LDA with the same level of confidentiality and security.

    We always use your personal data transparently to provide you with the best services.

  2. Who Is Responsible for your Personal Data?

    Our Privacy Policy applies to the personal data processed by DC - DESTINATION CLUBS LDA.

    "DC - DESTINATION CLUBS LDA" in this Privacy Policy refers to DC - DESTINATION CLUBS LDA, with headquarters in Reguengos de Monsaraz – Évora – Portugal, with the identification number of legal person 510 751 890. DC - DESTINATION CLUBS LDA is the Responsible for the Processing of Personal Data under Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (General Regulation on Data Protection) and the complementary legislation on protection of personal data ruling in the countries in which it operates.

    DC - DESTINATION CLUBS LDA and its employees are committed to using your personal data only for the purposes that have been communicated to you, and always safely and responsibly.

  3. Personal Data We May Collect

    In this Privacy Policy, the term “Personal Data” means the set of information that relates to you and which allows us to identify you, directly or indirectly. Your personal information may include, for example, your name, your tax identification number, your contacts, your transactions, and your interactions with us.

    We collect some of your personal information, for example, when you purchase our products or services, use our website or any of our mobile applications, or when you contact us.

    We may also collect your personal data from other companies, in particular when they collect, process, or store it in the context of a service rendered by us.

  4. Categories of Personal Data We May Collect
    1. Customer data - full name and email address - when you subscribe to our marketing communications;
    2. Customer identification data - full name or abbreviated, address, telephone number, email address, and date of birth;
    3. Data from registered website users:
      1. User identification data when you create an account on our website - name, age, gender, photograph, email address, address, identification number, tax identification number, date of birth, contact, name and age of children;
      2. Credit card data when paying by credit card – cardholder’s name, type of card (Visa/Mastercard/other), card number, expiry date and security code-, postal code of the address associated with the card;
      3. You are given the option of requesting/store the data for future purchases;
      4. Data for billing purposes - possibility to book the trip for leisure or business, name, address, and tax identification number in the name of the person who will be billed.
  5. How and Why Do We Use Your Personal?
    1. Billing Management - for issuing invoices for purchasing goods and services;
    2. Marketing – to inform you of news and offers that may be of interest to you, market studies, advertising, amongst others;
    3. Managing website or mobile applications users - to allow you to make transactions online or on your mobile phone;
    4. After-sales support - to enable you to access service ratings and publish your comments;
    5. Customer Management - so we can provide the service you have hired us to do.
  6. How Do We Keep Your Personal Data Safe?

    We have different information security measures, in line with the best national and International practices, to protect your personal data. These measures include technological control systems, admin, technical, and physical measures and procedures that guarantee the protection of your personal data, preventing misuse, unauthorised access and publishing, loss, improper or inadvertent alteration, or its unauthorised destruction. Regarding data security, we have taken the same commitment of continuous improvement by which we guide our daily activity.

    We highlight the following measures, amongst others:

    1. Restricted access to your personal data only by those who need them for the purposes we have set out above;
    2. Storing and transferring personal data only in a secure way;
    3. Protection of information systems through devices that prevent unauthorised access to your personal data;
    4. Implementation of mechanisms that guarantee the safeguarding of the integrity and quality of your personal data;
    5. Continuous monitoring of information systems, to prevent, detect, and avoid the misuse of your personal data;
    6. To make redundant any storage equipment, processing, and communication of personal data, to avoid loss of availability.
  7. For How Long Do We Keep Your Personal Data?

    We store your data only for as long as it is necessary to fulfil the purposes defined according to the criteria established by the Regulation or the Law.

    Once the maximum shelf life we have defined has been reached, your personal data will be anonymised or destroyed/disposed of safely.

  8. With Whom Can We Share Your Personal Data?

    In some cases, we may disclose your personal data to subcontractors, in the scope of services provided by them, such as DC - DESTINATION CLUBS LDA service providers (e.g., IT services, communications services, customer support services); In such cases, we require subcontractors to have the appropriate security measures in place to protect your personal data.

  9. How Can You Exercise Your Rights?
    1. Right to information: request additional information about the use we make of your personal data;
    2. Right of access by the data subject: to access or request access to the personal data you have provided us;
    3. Right to data portability: request the transfer of the personal data you have provided us;
    4. Right of rectification: require the correction or updating of your personal data;
    5. Right to erasure (also known as “right to be forgotten”): request the deletion of your personal data, which will be done immediately and, when this is not possible, within a maximum of one month;
    6. Right to restriction of processing: Request restriction of how we use your personal data while we correct or clarify any doubts about your content or the use we make of them;
    7. Right of to object: we provide you with a channel to contest decisions that have been made based on your personal data.

    You also have the right to, at any time, withdraw or change the consent you have given us to use your personal data. You also can file complaints with the Comissão Nacional de Protecção de Dados.

    To exercise your rights to protect personal data or whenever you have any questions about how we use your personal data, contact us by email: contacto@meettheguardians.com

  10. Cookies

    DC - DESTINATION CLUBS LDA uses cookies in its Websites to improve the performance and browsing experience of its Customers/Users, increasing, on the one hand, the response speed and efficiency and, on the other hand, eliminating the need to repeatedly introduce the same information.

    Placing cookies not only helps Websites to recognise the Customer’s/User’s device the next time they visit, but it will also be essential for it to work flawlessly. Cookies used by DC - DESTINATION CLUBS LDA on all its websites do not collect personal data that allow for the identification of the Customer/User, saving only generic information, namely the Customer’s/User’s way or place/country of access and the way they use the Websites, amongst others. Cookies retain only information regarding the Customer’s/User’s preferences.

  11. Updates to This Privacy Policy

    This Privacy Policy may be updated on a timely basis, which will be disclosed.