The Alqueva Tours allow you to discover the different sides of the Alqueva lake. We’re Humberto and Manuela, and we’re ready to take you to find all the stories that this big lake hides.

To us, who have known the area since ever, it’s still impressive to come here, see this vast lake, and recall what the landscape used to look like. The region has changed a lot over the last years, but we’ve always felt connected to it.

When we decided to start these rides, we chose these smaller boats that allow us to talk to people. So instead of a boat, we have three. It’s like being at your house's living room. Furthermore, these boats can reach every corner of the lake, even in shallow waters.

Our rides always take longer than what’s scheduled because of the conversations! One thing leads to the next, there’s always an exciting topic to talk about, and we never keep up with the schedule! Engaging in conversation is a very Alentejo-like trait, of being close, and having time for the other people. We’re not pressed by time here.

"To our visitors, I’d say come and share the magic of a massive body of water in the middle of Alentejo with us. Come to listen to stories and have new experiences in the big lake of Alqueva."
Humberto Nixon

Humberto had a closer perspective on the construction of the dam, which gives him enough content to tell many stories during the rides.

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Our story and mission

Humberto was born in Angola, but his family is from here. He grew up in Moura and Manuela is from Moura too. We lived in Lisbon for a few years, but shortly after we decided to return because we like Moura and the region. In the meantime, Humberto was invited to work at EDIA, the company that built the dam, and we stayed. When the dam was finished, we started to have the idea for these boat rides that allow us to reveal a little more of Alentejo and be in touch with people permanently.

We chose a theme for each one of our rides, but food, nature, and our natural sense of humour are always part of them all.

All rides follow a script, and we care about sharing information about Alqueva, the lake, the territory, how life was a few hundreds of years ago, what type of fish we have (and which can be sold and which cannot). If we see any animal species on the banks, we talk a little about them. In the Summer, there’s always time to swim from the boat or at one of the several islands in the dam. All is done without rush. That is our lifestyle, and that’s how we like to share the region we’re so attached to. 

Like cherries…

"Our rides always take longer than what’s scheduled… And it’s all because of the conversations!"
Humberto Nixon



Terras de Alqueva

Conhecer Região

We grew up in Moura. Then we lived in Lisbon for five years, while studying and working, but every time we crossed the river Tejo… It’s hard to explain. Things are different here, and the sky shines brighter! Moura has beautiful heritage buildings but, at the same time, it also has the essential services, some cultural events, food. That’s what turns the daily routine in a small city into something pleasant that gives us a better quality of life.

Moura is a city with a lot of History, most of it preserved. Not just the monuments, but the daily routines too. It’s normal to go to a small restaurant in the centre and, suddenly, someone starts to sing an Alentejo local song… These things are priceless.

We’re lucky we split our workday between a small tranquil city and the great lake of Alqueva, with all its serenity. It’s not always easy to live in a small city in the interior of the country, but, in addition to the priceless things, we still believe in the Alqueva project as growth and evolution and in the relationship between Moura and the great lake. 

Alqueva is the largest artificial lake in Europe, with 250 square kilometres. It took 30 years to build and today it hides many stories that we help to unveil. 

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